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McMinnville woman almost scammed out of $2,121
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McMinnville resident Lota Aho nearly lost $2,121 to a phone scam.Only an alert employee at Western Union saved her money.“She told me she wasn’t going to send the money to this location, it was in Clifton, N.J., because there had been a lot of scam activity reported from that area,” said Aho. “She told me it would be good to wait and she was right. She saved me $2,121.”Aho, 82, said the scam began with a call to her cellphone last week around 5 p.m. The call was supposedly from her grandson, who said he’d been in a car wreck, was in jail, and needed money to be bailed out.“I knew it didn’t sound like him, but he said he’d been in a wreck and had his nose smashed and stitches in his lip,” said Aho.