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Marsh arrested for ninth suspended license violation
Jared Marsh

A man charged with his ninth offense of driving on a suspended license has been sentenced to serve over eight months in Warren County Jail due to being incapable of driving with a valid license. 

Jared Marsh, 30, was taken into custody on Jan. 30 after being arrested for his ninth offense of driving on a suspended license and having outstanding warrants for violation of probation and failure to report to jail. 

Marsh’s license was first suspended in August 2006 and that has led to a string of arrests for continuing to drive without a valid license.

Marsh’s most recent arrest occurred when deputy Brandon Deffendoll noticed a vehicle with no tag lights, and conducted a traffic stop on New Smithville Highway. Marsh was identified as the driver and Deffendoll discovered Marsh had a violation of probation charge and a warrant for failing to report to jail. 

After Marsh’s license was suspended in 2006, it was never reinstated. The previous charges for continuing to commit the same offense of driving on a suspended license took place January 2019, February 2019, January 2014, March 2011, June 2011, January 2008 and July 2007. 

Marsh was taken into custody and transported to Warren County Jail after receiving his ninth charge last month. 

Upon appearing in court Tuesday, Marsh was sentenced to five days in jail for his eighth charge of driving on a suspended license and eight months for his ninth charge.

He was also sentenced to serve eight months for violating probation, but both of the eight-month sentences will run concurrent to, or at the same time as, each other, resulting in March receiving a total of eight months and five days at Warren County Jail.