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Marcum charged for kidnapping
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A McMinnville man has been charged for kidnapping and assault after an alleged domestic dispute.

Brandon Fate Marcum, 44, was arrested on Jan. 21 for allegedly assaulting his wife in an incident that occurred the day before. The Warren County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call from Marcum’s wife at a McMinnville address in reference to a domestic assault that occurred at another address - her and Brandon’s residence. 

Marcum’s wife reported to Deputy Vince Cooley that at approximately 7:30 p.m., she arrived at their home to retrieve some personal belongings. She believed that Mr. Marcum was not home.

In the warrant, Cooley said, “Mrs. Marcum advised that Mr. Marcum was there with two friends. Mrs. Marcum stated the two friends left and Mr. Marcum confronted her about cheating on him.” Brandon then allegedly took her phone from her and threw it.

According to Cooley, “Mr. Marcum then pulled Mrs. Marcum from the couch and began to assault her. Mr. Marcum continuously punched, kicked and struck Mrs. Marcum with his knee. 

Mrs. Marcum stated that at one point, Mr. Marcum got on top of her and placed his hands around her neck.” She allegedly began to lose consciousness but was able to bite Brandon to prevent her going unconscious.

According to Deputy Cooley, “Mrs. Marcum stated at one point she attempted to escape, but Mr. Marcum pulled her back, preventing her from leaving the residence. Mrs. Marcum was unable to call police due to Mr. Marcum previously taking her phone. Once Mr. Marcum stopped assaulting Mrs. Marcum, he laid down and she was able to escape the residence.”

Cooley stated that the victim had visible injuries to her face, lip, neck and back, and she had to be transported to Ascension Saint Thomas River Park due to possibly having broken ribs. Brandon was charged for aggravated assault, kidnapping and interference with emergency calls.

On Jan. 21, deputies of the WCSD went to the address where the incident took place and attempted to serve multiple felony warrants to Mr. Marcum. According to Deputy Cooley, “Upon arrival, Deputy (Robert) Farnsworth and Deputy (Hunter) Bouldin observed a white male with no shirt and jeans standing in the front door. That male then turned around, retreated into the residence and turned all of the lights off.”

The two deputies along with Deputy Cooley attempted to make contact with the male known to be Brandon Marcum and advised him of the warrants for his arrest. Cooley said, “Mr. Marcum refused contact for approximately an hour. Sgt. (Evan) Cooper was able to make contact with the suspect’s father who resides next door. Mr. Tylee Marcum came to the residence and attempted to get Mr. Brandon Marcum to come out of the residence.”

Tylee was reportedly unable to get Brandon to come to the door, then Tylee, on his own, turned the door knob and called out for Brandon. Brandon then reportedly yelled, “What!” Tylee then advised Brandon to come out of the house. After that, Deputy Cooley reportedly advised Tylee to step back and then advised Brandon to come out with his hands up.

Brandon reportedly responded by yelling, “I’ll shoot y’all motherf-----s!” According to Cooley, Brandon then appeared from the left side of a basement room, very irate, yelling, “Shoot me motherf-----!” Brandon then reportedly charged at Cooley, Bouldin and Sgt. Cooper who were standing in the doorway of the basement.

According to Deputy Cooley, “Deputy Bouldin had to deploy a Taser, temporarily incapacitating Mr. Brandon Marcum. Brandon continued to refuse commands to place his hands behind his back.” Once Brandon was being escorted to the marked patrol unit, Brandon then allegedly attempted to turn and face Deputy Cooley. Brandon reportedly had to be placed against the marked patrol unit to be kept under control.

While en route to the Warren County Jail, Brandon allegedly stated that he was going to shoot Deputy Cooley in the head as well as burn his house down. He also allegedly made threats to place his hands around Cooley’s throat once he was out of handcuffs. During this incident, Brandon picked up two additional charges of retaliation and resisting.

Brandon Marcum was arraigned on Tuesday with five charges including one count of aggravated assault, one count of kidnapping, one interference with emergency calls, one count of retaliation for past action and one count of resisting. His court date is set for March 21 and has a bail of $65,000.