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Man sentenced for hitting boy, 6, at mailbox
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This shot from the surveillance camera of a nearby home quickly led to the arrest of the driver after it was posted online by the Southern Standard.
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A man who hit a child who was checking the mail and then fled the scene has been sentenced to serve one year in jail.

Juan Alejandro Jantes-Lopez, 21, has entered guilty pleas to charges of vehicular assault, reckless aggravated assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon that being a motor vehicle, DUI, and leaving the scene of an accident involving injury.

He was ordered to serve 364 days of a five-year sentence.

The incident took place in May 2021 as a 6-year-old boy was checking the mail at 620 Highland Road, just off Bluff Springs Road. He was struck by a passing pickup driven by Jantes-Lopez.

The mother snatched her son out of the roadway and headed toward the hospital. On the way, she gave a description of the truck and its direction of travel to 911. 

Jantes-Lopez was picked up by law enforcement about three hours later at 212 Willow Run.

The quick arrest was thanks to surveillance camera footage taken from a nearby home.

The Southern Standard placed a picture of the pickup online and it only took 16 minutes for someone to post that they knew the whereabouts of that pickup and had contacted authorities to check it out.

“Mr. Lopez declined to speak with us, but we examined his truck,” said state trooper Ben Cannon. “All the pieces found at the scene fit like a puzzle on it. I’m 100% certain that this is the truck involved in the crash.” 

The victim’s mother witnessed part of the accident.

“The mother said she witnessed the truck drive through her yard and then she noticed her son lying in the road,” said Cannon. “She snatched him up out of the roadway and headed toward the hospital.”

The child’s most serious injury was a broken leg.