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Man not lovin' it after drugs found in McDonald's cup
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A man had more than McDonald’s sweet tea inside his beverage cup when he was pulled over by police.

The suspect, Phillip R. Brown, 32, is charged with possession of methamphetamine and driving on a suspended license after a search following his traffic stop turned up drugs. The officer, Justin Colwell, had pulled him over, knowing he did not have a driver license but was going to give him a break.

“I issued a citation in lieu of arrest,” the officer said, noting he then got consent to search the vehicle. “I found digital scales and a bag of white, crystal substance in a cigarette box on his person.”

Colwell then turned his attention to a McDonald’s beverage cup that had liquid inside it. “I opened the lid to the cup and discovered a white crystal substance and a bag with a small bag with green, leafy substance, and an additional bag with unknown contents due to the saturation of the bag.”

Brown and his passenger, Cody Cagle, were placed under arrest after they both denied knowledge of how the drugs got inside the McDonald’s cup.