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Man lives homeless for a week
Ron Rohrbach holds a sign while living homeless for one week on $35.
"Sometimes you get burnt, sometimes you don't," is the mantra of a social worker with Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System, the parent nonprofit organization of Warren County’s CHEER Mental Health.Ron Rohrbach has adopted this motto in the war against homelessness.He can relate one incident after another where he has offered a helping hand to someone hungry or in need of a place to stay for a night. Sometimes Rohrbach is rewarded for his kindness. Perhaps the stranger he helped gets a job the next day, gets his or her life in order, and becomes a productive, self-sustaining member of the community.And then, Rohrbach reports, sometimes it doesn't work out that way and "sometimes you get burnt.""But you have to understand this when you're dealing with people who are homeless.