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Man jailed for pulling knife on officer
Jacob George.jpg

A local man who pulled a knife on a police officer in Walmart has been sentenced to serve 120 days in jail. 

Jacob George, 28, appeared in Judge Bart Stanley’s court last Wednesday to receive his sentence of serving 120 days in the Warren County Jail for simple assault.

George was first charged with aggravated assault for the incident which occurred Oct. 15, 2019, but the charge was amended to simple assault.

The sentence comes after police officer Austin Edwards learned Jacob. J. George, who appeared to be under the influence of a substance, had been in Walmart for approximately four hours without purchasing anything. 

The arrest warrant states Edwards encountered George near the jewelry section and observed him to be under the influence of narcotics, due to him talking irrationally to himself, twitching and sweating profusely. Edwards attempted to stop George, but he kept walking. He then ordered George to stop. 

George turned toward Edwards and retrieved a knife from an unknown location and held it in front of him. George had one hand on the sheath of the knife and one on the tang. Edwards quickly removed the knife from George to disarm him. 

Due to his demeanor and resistance as Edwards attempted to place handcuffs on George, he began physically resisting arrest and was taken to the ground. The warrant claims it was apparent George was under the influence of an unknown substance causing him to not be in his right mind.

His other two charges of resisting arrest and public intoxication were dismissed. George will spend the remaining time of his 11-29 sentence on probation and must undergo a drug and alcohol assessment.