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Man indicted for shooting at wife, child
Michael Strickland.jpg
Michael Strickland

A man who reportedly opened fire on his wife and her 3-year-old grandchild and began ramming their vehicle as they tried to flee from his rampage was indicted Friday for attempted murder.

Michael Dale Strickland, 54, was indicted by the grand jury for two counts of attempted criminal homicide, three counts of aggravated assault, and one count of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

“He not only opened fire on her, but there was a child in the car,” said District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis. “That’s not in any way OK.”

Strickland was arrested July 26 after spinning out his wife’s vehicle with her grandchild inside and then crashing his own vehicle in a yard. An AR-15 was located outside the driver-side door of Strickland’s crashed vehicle. 

Deputies responded to a 911 call on Royal Drive at 8:20 p.m. on July 26 to answer a call of gunshots fired. Royal Drive is located off Spencer Road, which is Highway 30.

The caller advised 911 that two subjects were arguing at a residence and that one of the subjects began shooting and making threats. A neighbor tried to intervene, according to the Sheriff’s Department, but Strickland reportedly pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her. 

Strickland and his wife then got in separate vehicles and Strickland started chasing her through the neighborhood. The victim had her grandchild with her.

The victim travelled onto Highway 30 and called 911. She stated her husband was drunk and was shooting at her. She said he was ramming her car in the rear as they were travelling on Highway 30.

As deputies were approaching, Strickland struck the rear end of the victim’s vehicle and spun her out. Her vehicle came to rest near Shellsford Road. Strickland then ran off an embankment and crashed into a yard. Deputies were able to immediately detain Strickland after his crash.

After locating the AR-15 next to his vehicle, deputies responded to the original scene and located a revolver lying in the road.