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Man busted for using Whizzinator
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A man has been charged with trying to falsify his drug test after his probation officer caught him trying to use a Whizzinator to pass the test.
The suspect, Michael S. Jennings, 26, of Decherd is charged with falsification of a drug test and will face hearing March 21. In the meantime, he has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for failure to appear in court.
His charge comes after he met with his probation officer to submit a urine test. The officer noticed Jennings had turned away from him while providing the urine sample and insisted he turn where he could see him.
“I observed a Whizzinator device,” the probation officer swore on his warrant, noting the device was confiscated from Jennings and he was then asked to provide a legitimate urine sample.
The probationer could not comply with the request so he was asked to stay on the premises until he could. Jennings reportedly tried to leave a couple of times before police arrived to arrest him.
Jennings is the latest to be caught trying to pass someone else’s urine as their own in order to pass a drug test. In some cases the attempts have been made by using crude, homemade devices containing other people’s urine. In other cases, actual Whizzinators have been used.
Whizzinator, which is a trademarked company, is a device which holds fake urine. Most kits come with a small amount of synthetic urine designed to trick most drug tests. The devices also have warming units to keep the urine warm until it is delivered at the test. The devices cost around $130 online.