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Man accused of shooting at neighbor
A man faces felony assault charges after he allegedly fired a gun at his neighbor who was holding her 5-month-old daughter.The suspect, Jesse Joey Ortega, 30, is charged with aggravated assault for the incident that allegedly happened on Orchard Lane.According to deputy John Underwood, the victim told him that she and Ortega had been arguing.“There is a fence between the two properties and they were arguing with the fence between them,” the deputy said the female victim stated. “During the argument, Mr. Ortega got in her face and she slapped him.”At that point, the woman said Ortega jumped the fence and punched her in the head. She threated to call 911, but the suspect allegedly grabbed her phone and broke it so she could not make the call.The tense situation escalated further when the woman went back to her house and told her fiancée what happened.