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Main Street mainstay heading for facelift
McMinnville’s Historic Zoning Commission has approved improvements to 210 E. Main Street. Three projects are under consideration by building owner Bill Locke. Among the changes will be six new upper level windows. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Façade alterations are being considered for 210 E. Main Street. 

Property owner Bill Locke requested permission from the city’s Historic Zoning Commission to remove the awning, replace the six upper windows, and possibly remove the black glass on the front of the building. A certificate of appropriateness (COA) was issued Monday.

The three projects are under consideration for grants through Main Street McMinnville’s Design Grant Program: a façade improvement grant for the windows, a safety grant for the broken black glass, and an awning grant. If approved, those grants will fund a portion of the projects. 

“His intent is to remove the aluminum awning and make repairs underneath to make the store look like it did originally,” said HZC member Rachel Killebrew. “That awning was added much later in the ’50s. When we did the Main Street project, most of the buildings had those horrible things that were put up in the ’50s. Everyone removed theirs, but Mr. Locke. He didn’t want to remove his. We’re happy to see it go.” 

Black glass currently frames the front lower level of the building. Killebrew said part of the glass is broken and consideration is being given to removal or repair. 

“Part of the black glass fell onto the street and broke,” said Killebrew. “It’s very heavy. If it’s not safe and it can’t be saved, Mr. Locke may decide to have it all removed. If it can be saved, he may decide to have what’s there repaired. If that happens, they will have to buy more glass to take out the portions that are broken. At this time, we don’t know which.” 

Black glass is not original to the building. 

The existing windows will be replaced with “appropriate historic” windows. According to the request, the rectangular windows will be replaced with arched windows. 

Historic Zoning Commission members approved COAs for the windows replacement, awning removal, and black glass removal or repair.