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Lough wants legacy of old armory honored in new Health Department
Lough (Armory Proposal).jpg
Harold Lough addressed the Warren County Commission Monday night during the public comment segment and read his proposal for the old armory site. - photo by Bethany Porter

Harold Lough, a veteran and member of American Legion Post 173, says he does not want to get in the way of a new Health Department, but he would like them to incorporate elements from the old armory in the new building.

Lough attended the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night and spoke about the current armory building during the public comment segment. County Executive Jimmy Haley has been speaking to state officials about potentially using the current armory location for the new Health Department the county was awarded when the armory moves to a new building on Manchester Highway. 

Lough previously wanted to use the armory site as a meeting and service center for veterans. He now says he supports the idea of a new Health Department at that location, but wants to preserve the significance of the old armory building and help veterans in the process.

“It is my understanding that the Warren County Executive is working with the state of Tennessee to use the land in which the National Guard Armory sits on to be the new location of a regional Health Department. I fully support this effort and I write to you not to stand in the way of this great progress, but instead to submit a proposal to reach even more people with this endeavor,” said Lough. 

“I propose that the regional Health Department dedicate spaces to veterans’ organizations and services in addition to incorporating architectural elements of the existing building in the design of the new regional Health Department. Our armory is historically significant. It is important to recognize this hallow ground in a respectful, meaningful way both in a physical form of a new Health Department and the services it provides.”

Lough said he would appreciate it if commissioners would set up a time to speak to him about his ideas and discuss the importance and feasibility of his proposal.