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Local author passes
Prolific book author Jan Shinpaugh has died.

Book author Jan Shinpaugh has passed away.
Shinpaugh wrote several books and short stories, including “Irene,” “Mary Margaret Mellon,” “Better Late ‘N Never,” “Madder ‘N a Wet Hen,” “Crazier ‘N a Bessie Bug,” “Deader ‘N a Doornail,” and “When Pigs Fly.” She has also written several plays and is a children’s book author with the adventures of Cat Girl and Squeaky Mouse in a series of five books.
All the works by Shinpaugh are fiction. However, she based them on real-life characters.
In her short story “Irene,” she fell back on her love for Roy Rogers.
“I grew up watching Roy Rogers, my hero, and the other Westerns of the ’40s and ’50s,” said Shinpaugh. Squeaky Mouse was her cat, who Shinpaugh joked in 2015 was considering a run for presidency.
“My cat, Squeaky Mouse, has met with her PAC and is considering a run for president. As her loyal minion, I will keep you informed of her decision. Part of her platform will be daily naps for all.”
Sadly, a few days later Squeaky Mouse decided against running. There were valid reasons for the decision.
“We discussed this at length,” said Shinpaugh.“If she won the presidential race, the White House staff would have a hissy fit if she laid on all the furniture and left clumps of hair all over the expensive and beautiful rugs. After informing her of that, she was not amused. I also informed her that she couldn’t sleep 18 hours a day because there are certain duties with the office, such as meet and greets. Along with that fact, she couldn’t run and hide under the Lincoln bed if she didn’t like someone.”
Shinpaugh would occasionally include insights into her life within the books. In “Deader ‘N a Doornail,” she expressed her love to cook, experiment with recipes and how those would occasionally go awry.