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Liquor clears initial hurdle
Framework put in place
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McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen had its first look at package liquor stores and wine in grocery stores inside the city limits.
Both measures passed unanimously by Mayor Jimmy Haley and Aldermen Kate Alsbrook, Ryle Chastain, Steve Harvey, Mike Neal and Everett Brock. Vice Mayor Ben Newman was absent.
The board’s first shot at liquor resulted in no changes being made to the ordinances as presented by Finance Committee members last week. There were no provisions that would limit the number of liquor store licenses issued, or require Warren County residency by those applying for a license.
One stipulation is that one person will not be allowed to operate more than one store. “No retailer shall operate, directly or indirectly, more than one place of business for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the city. The word ‘indirectly,’ as used in this section, shall include and mean any kind of interest in another place of business by way of stock, ownership, loan, partner’s interest or otherwise.”
The city is imposing an 8 percent inspection fee which is the maximum amount allowed by Tennessee Code Annotated on all licensed retailers of alcoholic beverages located within the corporate limits of the city.
Wine also passed without change. The measure also allows the city to impose an 8 percent inspection fee on retail wine stores, the maximum charge allowed by Tennessee Code Annotated. The charge will be on the wholesale price of alcoholic beverages and be assessed to stores with a wine license.
Last call on the liquor and wine ordinances will be Jan. 10. Being ordinances, the measures require two passing reads.