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Life-saving teen
Gilley Pool lifeguard rescues boy
A helicopter is shown making its landing Monday morning at Cat Walker Field to airlift an unidentified boy who was pulled from the water at Gilley Pool. The boy reportedly jumped off a diving board and couldn't make it back to the edge of the pool.


Shortly after 10 am this morning we experienced the near drowning of a 12 year old boy at the Gilley Pool. We are proud of the immediate and heroic actions taken by one of our lifeguards on duty that potentially saved this young boys life. CPR was administered by this guard and emergency personnel were called and immediately responded to the emergency. The child was then air lifted to a nearby hospital where he is in stable condition and reportedly doing well. We appreciate the cooperation of all of our patrons, emergency personnel and our wonderful lifeguards who all made this terrible situation go as well as possible. Thank you.

Southern Standard :

Gilley Pool lifeguard Isabel Kirby is being credited with saving the life of a 12-year-old boy Monday morning.
“As soon as he showed signs of distress, I went in after him,” said Kirby, 19. “It happened very quickly. One minute he seemed fine, but the next minute he wasn’t. I’m just glad he’s OK.”
The situation occurred within minutes of the pool opening at 10 a.m. Kirby says the boy jumped from the diving board and came to the surface.
“He seemed fine when he surfaced the first time,” she said. “He went back under and came up yelling for help. I went into the water after him and pulled him to the side. He wasn’t responding. We pulled him out. He wasn’t breathing and was turning purple. We started CPR.”
E911 was called. McMinnville Fire Department and Warren County EMS responded. The boy was airlifted from a ballfield next to the pool.
The cause of the boy’s distress is unknown.
“We don’t know what happened, but I spoke to the young man when I came down,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott. “He was alert at that time. He complained of stomach cramps before he went off the board. Again, we don’t know what happened or if that had anything to do with it. The main thing is he is OK. We received an update on him and they said that, hopefully, he will be going home by the end of the day. Isabel did what she needed to do to make that happen.”
McMinnville Parks and Recreation released a statement the morning of the incident crediting the “immediate and heroic actions taken by one of our lifeguards on duty that potentially saved this young boy’s life.”
Gilley Pool lifeguards undergo intensive training. Scott says this situation is why.
 “I had a meeting with the guards a couple weeks ago and told them that when things happen, they happen fast,” said Scott. “When things happen, folks look at lifeguards to be the ones who react and do their jobs. Isabel is a prime example of that. She did her job and in the end the boy is alive and he’s well. Lifeguards are the first line. They have to do their job before the first-responders or EMTs get here. If she had not acted, the outcome probably would have been a whole lot different. She did act and thank goodness she did. The praise needs to go to her for what she did.”