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Landlords face charges after theft of safe from renter
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Landlords face grand theft charges after their renter claims they stole a safe worth thousands of dollars.The suspects, Charles W. Moore III and Haley Moore, have been indicted on the charge of theft over $5,000.The pair face indictment after their renter, Joshua Fults, maintains they removed property from the Creek Lane residence he was renting from them. The couple reportedly entered the residence to check on whether Fults was in violation of his rental agreement.“They felt the lease agreement had been broken and began emptying the home of all items,” said McMinnville police officer Justin Cobble, noting the victim in the case was told by his landlords his possessions were being held until a civil agreement could be reached.Among the items they were holding was a safe which reportedly contained valuable coins and diamonds. The contents of the safe, Fults maintains, were estimated over $8,000.“Mr. Fults requested they return the safe, but they denied having possession of it,” Cobble said.However, Cobble revealed he received information that led him to another residence on Creek Lane where he learned the safe, that the Moores allegedly claimed they didn’t know about, had been taken by the suspects for storage.