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Keep heating bills down
There's snow on the ground and it's cold outside. Just ask Fluffy the cat. The drop in temperature could cause a rise in heating bills. There are steps a homeowner can take to stay warm without cranking up the thermostat, says MES.
Winter has arrived, bringing with it snow, lower temperatures, and the potential for higher heating bills. McMinnville Electric System is offering energy-saving tips that will help residents stay cozy while keeping utility bills under control.“With every degree you crank up your thermostat, you can add another 3 percent to your electric bill,” says Randy Garrison, MES’s manager of environmental services and relations.Garrison also directs the eScore program for MES. This is a program designed for homeowners to create a more comfortable environment by weatherizing the home. While making improvements, eScore offers rebates to help offset those costs.To help keep your monthly electricity usage under control, Garrison recommends following these energy saving tips:Open wide – Take advantage of nature.