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Jail plans cost county $369,616
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A failed jail expansion effort will cost Warren County taxpayers $369,616.

Upland Design Group has submitted a final bill for services rendered on the jail expansion project. Requested is $77,116.

County Executive Jimmy Haley presented that information to members of the county Budget and Finance Committee on Monday.

“This is from Upland Design,” said Haley. “It’s for $77,116. It was supposed to be $127,116. They reduced it by $50,000, but we really don’t have money in the budget to cover this.”

Per Finance Department records, Upland Design has billed the county in phases as work was completed. To date, the county has paid $292,500 for those services. The recent invoice brings the total cost to $369,616.

The county owns the design plans generated by Upland. Those plans can be used in the future if the project is rebid.

“We agreed to pay Upland 6 percent of the project cost,” said Haley. “We didn’t move forward with the project, but we still owe them for the work they completed. There’s not enough in the General Fund to pay this. We’ll have to do a budget amendment.”

The county estimated and budgeted $292,000 for architect fees, a shortfall of $77,616.

“We have some money in one account but it’s still not enough,” said Haley. “We are still going to be more than $30,000 short. This is a shortfall we have to make up through Debt Service or fund balance in order to pay this invoice.”

Committee members Richard Grissom, Carlene Brown, Daniel Owens, Christy Ross and Tommy Savage unanimously approved payment to Upland with a budget transfer from Debt Service to cover any outstanding amount.

The measure will be presented to the county Financial Management Committee for its consideration.