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Jail files being moved to create classroom space
Warren County Jail
Warren County Jail

More inmates will have an opportunity to learn workforce skills once the old filing room at the jail is transformed into a classroom.

Jail officials are currently working on moving their filing system to a different area and changing the system all together. Right now, the jail is working toward making the old filing room a classroom and one of the things hindering that progress is the new filing system.

“Hardest part once we get the files in there is transferring them to another filing system. That is going to be a nightmare,” said Sheriff Tommy Myers.

Commissioner Randy England asked Myers when he expected that room to be ready, and Myers said at least a month if not the beginning of next year.

“Well, the only reason why I asked is because I am anxious because I know the old filing room is going to be turned into classrooms, if that is what you want to call it. I am anxious for that to get started. Of course, County Executive Haley can probably tell you more than I can, but TCAT will be working with them,” said England.

England has previously worked with inmates through TCAT and shared a success story at the Safety Committee and Beer Board meeting Monday night.

“I do have a small success story from our precision tool class,” said England. “We have been contacted by one of the inmates that went through the class that is not doing machining work, but he said because he went through that and he came out with certificates, he was able to get a job because he had shown education. Now, he’s not in machines, and the funny part about it is that he let all this be known to a co-worker who was one of my students.”

“I am very confident that there are going to be many success stories once we get all this up and running,” said Myers.