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Jail considers offsite video visitations
jail offsite visitation.jpg
Warren County Jail officials are looking into providing a second option for individuals who wish to visit with an inmate. Using offsite video visitation, people could stay home and visit using a smartphone or computer. Pictured is the only current option, which is to visit the jail and use its onsite video system.

Warren County Jail inmates could soon receive video visits from home.

Jail administration is looking into allowing “offsite video visitations.” This would allow friends and family members to contact jail inmates from the comfort of their own home.

“Most of the correction phone system companies now have kiosks in the pods that allow for multiple things,” said Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker. “The video visitation is just part of the system. The benefit is you can sit at your home and do your visit.”

Offsite video visitation sessions allow the visitor to visit from an off-site location with internet connection via wi-fi or mobile data. Individuals who would like to visit from home would need to download an app and have the visit scheduled.

There will be rules. Among them could be:

• All visits are subject to monitoring and recording.

• Duration of the visit will be set.

• Appropriate dress is required at all times.

•Any inappropriate activity will result in termination of the session and could result in future restrictions.

• If an emergency arises, visits will be disconnected.

The visitor can choose to visit onsite at the facility or offsite. 

“For us, video visitation cuts down on staff having to book the visits and staff having to move inmates from cell to visitation,” said Walker. 

No date has been set for offsite video visitations to start. The cost, if any, is unknown at this time.