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Jacobs running for School Board position

I am James Jacobs and I am announcing my candidacy for 5th District School Board that includes Centertown, Morrison and Viola.

I am a life long resident of Warren County. Let me get right to my views on actual important issues in Warren County Schools. I will do this with a list of my views. The first one is the most important with the rest being in no particular order of importance.

1. The most important thing is safety in our schools. I will work with law enforcement to make our schools as safe as possible.
2. No tax increase. I pay taxes like everyone else. I do not want a tax increase. 

3. Stop the waste of money in the school system.

4. Keep and support our community schools.

5. Stop the constant and unnecessary testing and pre-testing of the TCAP. 

Don’t just teach the test.

6. STOP “mandatory remediation” by taking students out of PE for missing a question on a pre-test at a time when students need exercise more than ever.

7. Teach DARE, health, hand writing and spelling in school. Have sufficient time for PE classes.

8. STOP burying hazardous materials on school grounds. Yes, they have actually done this. 

9. Hire administrators with sufficient teaching experience.

10. Stop giving business to out-of-county and state companies. (i.e., school pictures).

11. Give students and teachers snow days off that are not used. Stop making people work and go to school days they have already worked or went to school.  

12. Give custodians, aids, cafeteria and maintenance workers job security and stop rehiring them yearly.

13.  Elect the superintendent. We need the check and balance of the School Board and superintendent.  

14. Let’s rethink Common Core and TN Ready or TN (not so) Ready.

15. STOP forcing teachers to stand up all day. School is not a factory with teachers on an assembly line and kids like parts.

For those who do this, I want to tell you I have had more teachers than most. Never has a teacher standing up or circulating around the room “stimulated my learning.” Teachers are told to do this at in-service. If I respected a teacher, liked the subject, and listened, I stimulated my own learning whether the teacher was standing, sitting or hanging from the ceiling. If not, there was nothing that person could do to stimulate me.   
16. A term that is used over and over in our schools is “the research shows.”

This is used by administrators and other speakers who have found some obscure research on the internet that promotes things like Common Core and other new teaching ideas. I am here to tell you there is research that will refute any of their research.

I do know that my research shows these 16 points are full of years of research that shows we need change for the better.