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Jack Redmon files complaint
Jack Redmon has logged a written complaint against Warren County judicial commissioner Jim Hartman.

Jack Redmon has logged a written complaint against Warren County judicial commissioner Jim Hartman, citing biased.
According to Redmon’s complaint, “Hartman is very biased and only wants to see me put in jail. He needs to be put under investigation on all warrants he has issued.”
Redmon says he attempted to obtain a warrant against Mike Hale prior to the altercation between the two on Aug. 9, 2015 at VFW which ended with Hale hospitalized and Redmon subsequently charged with attempted homicide.
“When I tried to get Hartman’s help in resolving or getting a warrant against Mike Hale, he said there was nothing he could do,” said Redmon. “Brooke Hale and I both were up there asking for help cause Mike Hale was on video and audio saying he would kill us in so many ways.”
At that time, Brooke was the estranged wife of Mike Hale.
Redmon says while Hartman refused his request for a warrant in 2015, he granted a request for a warrant in April of this year to dentist Robert Kent Bewick when he claimed fear of bodily harm against Redmon, which violated his probation and landed him back in jail.
“On about April 20, 2017, Kent Bewick went to Jim Hartman commissioner and he issued an assault warrant because I said things over the phone in which my attorney and I still have not heard.”
In that situation, both individuals were allowed to cross file warrants and Redmon had Bewick charged with assault.
Both men agreed to drop charges against one other last month.
Redmon’s allegation was presented to members of the county Policy and Personnel Committee. Hartman was in attendance.
“I’ve only had three encounters with Mr. Redmon,” said Hartman. “One was regarding his issue with Mr. Hale. Mr. Hale subsequently got stabbed by Mr. Redmon. In any event, I had an encounter with him some short period prior to this stabbing incident. Mr. Redmon was in my office along with Mr. Hale’s estranged wife. He came in there seeking an arrest warrant on Mr. Hale. That was based on text messages and communication he had received when they were bickering back and forth over the issues they were having.”
According to Hartman, Hale asked for a warrant the day prior to Redmon’s request.
“I advised Mr. Redmon that Mr. Hale was in the office the day before and I refused to issue Mr. Hale a warrant based on the same allegations he was professing. I said ‘I’m not going to issue either one of you warrants based on your inability as adults to leave each other alone and go on your way.’ A few days later and we had the stabbing incident of Mr. Hale at VFW.”
Hartman was the one to sign the warrant charging Redmon with attempted homicide.
“His statement to me was that if I had issued him the warrant a few days ago we wouldn’t be here, like I was responsible for him going on and engaging in that conduct later,” said Hartman. “He developed an attitude toward me that it was my fault and that’s where we are. I set his bail at $1 million. He didn’t like that.”
Regardless of who is right or wrong, attorney Robert Bratcher says the complaint was not filed appropriately because all complaints against judicial commissioners must be submitted to the Board of Judicial Conduct and not Warren County government.
“It’s a question of whether or not the judicial commissioner should have made the warrant call,” said Bratcher. “A County Commission ethics complaint is an improper way to address this issue. These types of complaints need to be taken up with the Board of Judicial Conduct in Nashville. This is the wrong venue to seek a remedy.”
County Executive Herschel Wells will notify Redmon of the avenue he must take if he wishes to pursue a complaint.