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iPhone tattles on two thieves
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A couple may have figured out it’s not wise to steal a cellphone after they were tracked down thanks to the phone’s theft deterrence device and arrested.The pair, Cameron Kevin Evans, 46, and Shannon Nicole Evans, 41, are charged with grand theft for stealing an iPhone 6S.Sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton says the two took the phone while at a yard sale on Park Avenue in McMinnville. The victim, fearing the phone had been stolen by a visitor to the yard sale, turned the case over to authorities, who then accessed the phone’s code-protected internal tracking device in place in case the phone is lost or stolen.“The iPhone was discovered to ping at a residence located on Harvest Farm Lake Road,” Thaxton said, noting he went there and met with the resident who told them to contact the couple.Thaxton was able to recover the stolen phone when he met with the pair. The estimated cost of the phone is $700, making the crime an E-Felony punishable by one to two years in prison.