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IDB president: Bollards giving town bad name
With so many vehicles getting stuck on the downtown bollards, often called bells, the Industrial Development Board has started discussions on what can be done to remedy the problem.
When a vehicle gets caught on a downtown bollard, it creates a number of headaches.It often damages the vehicle.It closes the road for about an hour while a tow truck gets the vehicle unstuck.And it regularly results in a ticket, and fine, for the driver because big trucks are not permitted in downtown McMinnville.“These things are giving us a bad name,” said Industrial Development Board president Tommy Foster of the red bollards, commonly called bells. “They are tearing up people’s trucks. A lot of times a camper will get hung on one and it will ruin somebody’s vacation.”Foster mentioned the bollards because he wants Industrial Development Board members to consider possible solutions and bring those ideas to the next IDB meeting in December.Certain areas of downtown McMinnville are designated as no-truck zones and there is signage in place indicating such.