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Hypnotic message
Radford, 88, says happy lives all start with happy thoughts
Photo courtesy Scott Walker, Murfreesboro Pulse/ Radford says you can cut a man's leg off in deep hypnosis and he won't even feel it. The 88-year-old says positive thinking leads to a positive life.

M.C. Radford is an 88-year-old hypnotist who teaches positive living and positive thinking. He believes hypnosis is the greatest power in the material world.
Radford stressed he does not want to control anyone’s mind. He wants to help people realize the more positive we become, the happier and more joyful we will be in life.
“Just like addiction, people get high on hypnosis but it’s good for them. I want to hypnotize to teach people how to be happy and enthusiastic. I believe I am a divine science, which means I teach positive living,” said Radford.
Hypnosis is effective for many things, including weight loss, phobias, quitting smoking or drinking alcohol, increasing confidence, or helping to find inner peace.
“Every unhappy thought you have, hate thought, or anything, it will take your body down. It is so important for people to relax and think positive,” said Radford.
His techniques do not include having someone stare at a light or any other traditional hypnosis techniques. He says he uses the power of suggestion. All he does is act as a guide.
Radford started in hypnotism by going on the road with another hypnotist and learning all of his ways. In 1969, Radford went into hypnosis clinically by himself and has been doing it ever since. He worked out of a hypnotist center for 50 years in Nashville. He traveled all around the U.S. doing shows and assisting people.
“In deep hypnosis you can cut a man’s leg off and he won’t even feel it,” said Radford.
Radford enjoys helping people overcome their life problems through hypnosis.
Radford says people have many fears and phobias. With hypnotism, he takes them back to when their fear started and why.
He once had a woman come to him who could not become pregnant. With hypnotism, he found out she had a really religious aunt that did not like the way she was living her life.
Her aunt once said to her, “God is going to punish you and give you deformed babies.” When he helped get that statement out of her mind, she was able to get pregnant.
Radford believes he is a good hypnotist because he can help people and he can cure different diseases but cannot do it for himself. He has taught people in the medical industry how to hypnotize for positive reasons. He believes hypnotism will eventually replace the general practitioner.
“More and more doctors are getting into it than we realize. All illness starts in the mind and you develop it itself,” said Radford.
A woman came to Radford last year having constant migraine headaches. He took her migraine headaches away with hypnotism.
 When she asked how he did it, he responded, “The same way Jesus did. I built your expectation up, you believed it and then it worked. Like the Bible says, ‘ask, believe, and receive.’ It’s not me that does it. It’s your faith.”
“God created the earth and us so he could know himself. He gave us complete freedom. If we think well, it follows. He didn’t create bad or disease, man did. Everything you have in your life right now is because your thinking put it there. Imagination rules the world. If you think positive you will have a positive life. When you learn to control your imagination, you can control your life,” said Radford.
Radford has lived in Woodbury for the past six years and has an office there. Being 88 years old, he does not get around much anymore but he can still drive. He does not pass time by watching TV, but by receiving occasional phone calls and people coming to see him needing to be cured by a problem they’re facing. He has much time to sit around, think and reflect.
Radford looks back on his life and thinks it has been very positive and interesting. He has writ-ten three books on hypnotism. He was married for 52 years and has four children. He says he has done a lot of wrong things but also a lot of good things. He believes when you change some-thing and keep it changed, the past should be forgotten and not thought of anymore. 
Radford plans to move back to Nashville in the next couple of months and start a nonprofit positive living club.
“What I really want to do before I leave this world is start a positive living club. Teach people how to heal themselves, how to be better, how to earn more money, be healthy and everything else,” said Radford. 
For more information on hypnosis, or to set up an appointment with Radford, call (615) 351-2939.