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Homes saved from fire
Morrison brush fire rages out of control
Morrison Brush Fire 3.jpg
Chris Helton, left, and Jason Blalock work to extinguish a fire that spread across nearly 2 acres of land and threatened homes in the Morrison area Monday afternoon. - photo by Nikki Childers

Nearly 2 acres of land in Morrison were consumed by flames Monday afternoon when a brush fire spread out of control and approached nearby homes.

“A passing motorist noticed the fire and called it in,” said Aaron Roberts, Fire Chief of Morrison Fire Department. “At this time, we have not determined the cause.”

The blaze began about 2 p.m. As Morrison firefighters responded, they initially struggled to contain the blaze due to the thick underbrush and called out for mutual aid, to which Centertown Fire Department responded with a specialized vehicle called a brush truck before the request was cancelled as the fire became more subdued. 

The state Forestry Department was also called to help address the thick underbrush. It took approximately two hours to quench the flames.

It takes only moments for a wayward ember to turn into a roaring inferno, especially when conditions are dry or certain types of foliage are involved. “There was a lot of sage grass on the property,” said Roberts. “Sage grass grows taller and tends to burn easier than green grass as it is drier. When wind is present, as it was Monday, it causes the fire to spread more rapidly. It doesn’t take much at all to catch something on fire under these conditions.”

Though there were structures nearby, they escaped harm due to the quick work of the firefighters. 

Firefighters returned to the scene several hours later Monday night when one of the trailers on the property caught fire. It is believed the trailer fire was intentionally set, but firefighters don’t know by whom.