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Holland thankful for wallet's return
Wallet returned.jpg
Mt. Leo resident Treva Holland proudly holds up her wallet that had been missing for a week. “Whoever turned it in, thank you so much,” said Treva. - photo by Lacy Garrison

Mount Leo resident Treva Holland has great news and stopped by the Southern Standard on Tuesday to share it. 

Last week, Treva lost her black wallet during a trip to Walmart. It contained her driver’s license, credit cards, and nearly $100 cash.

“I checked out at the Garden Center and got in my truck, went home and began putting my groceries up before realizing I didn’t have it,” said Treva. “Then I thought I must have left it in my truck.”

After checking her vehicle and home, Treva contacted Walmart, but no one had found anything. 

“I was worried to death so I went back out there and they had the cart pushers and other employees looking for it,” said Treva. “Finally, I came home and started canceling cards and I was so worried about identity theft.”

Even though her wallet had been missing for a week, Treva stopped by customer service on Tuesday afternoon and someone had turned it in. Everything was still in it -- including her cash.

“It just blew my mind to get it back after all this time,” said Treva. “I’m so thankful and this proves that there are still some good people in this world.”