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Highway Department to complete the circle
circle drive
Lisa Hobbs photo Warren County Highway Department will finish the circle drive at the countys Animal Control and Adoption Center. A new driveway has been roughed in, but it needs to be finished as soon as the ground dries.

The drive at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has come full circle.

During a county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting, Road Superintendent Levie Glenn was given the green light to finish a connection between the upper and lower driveways, which will create a circle drive for the facility’s employees and its visitors.

“I would have to shape it up, groom it a little better,” said Glenn. “I told them we’ve put rip rap in there. I wanted the committee to look at it before I touched it. I felt like it needed more grooming. It was roughed in.”

During the full Warren County Commission meeting Jan. 22, Commissioner Terry Bell asked if Glenn’s department could be reimbursed by Animal Control for its expenses.

Not possible, said Highway and Bridge chair Commissioner Gary Prater.

“What was brought up at the meeting was he (Glenn) go out there and fix the drive and Animal Control reimburse him,” said Prater. “He can’t legally do that. He can do that job, but he can’t be paid for it. No money can change hands.”

Glenn says he’s willing to help Animal Control director Kim Pettrey.

“I know she does struggle at times,” said Glenn. “She’s dedicated to her job and she tries real hard. It takes a special person to do what she does. A lot of commissioners should go in there. I did when they had 100 cats. She deserves all the help she can get. I want to help her and do what I can do.”
One caveat was given.

“There may still be drainage issues,” said Glenn. “I don’t know if we can help it a little bit or not. We can try. I’ll start as soon as the ground dries out, with your approval.”

Committee members unanimously approved the request.