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Hickory Creek students enjoy bouncy reward
Hickory Creek ODR Bouncy House day- little girl.jpg
Kate Gribble, 10, is excited to enter the bouncy house. “It means a lot to me to be rewarded for being a good student and following the rules,” says Gribble.

On Friday, Hickory Creek Elementary School students bounced for joy while celebrating their achievements in following the school’s slogan of “be responsible, be respectful and be safe.”

Over 95 percent of Hickory Creek students fulfilled the school’s expectations of exhibiting good behavior by receiving no more than one office discipline referral throughout the first quarter of the school year. 

Students were rewarded with several different bouncy houses throughout the gymnasium where they squealed with joy while sliding, climbing, crawling and running through the blow-up courses. 

“Hopefully, these rewards reinforce the expectations we have for our students,” says Hickory Creek Elementary Principal Mike Mansfield. “The kids always enjoy these events, and we hope this will help encourage them to make good choices.”

Each quarter, a different reward day is chosen for students who’ve received one or less discipline referrals. 

A variety of celebrations take place at the end of each semester and school year. The bouncy houses were provided by Hayes Bounce House in Sparta. 

“Our main expectations for our students are to be respectful, be responsible and be safe. We try to tie everything back to those main messages,” says Mansfield. “Certain behaviors must be followed in order for students to successfully learn what is being taught to them.”