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Helton says judicial commissioner pay too low
Helton Says Judicial Comm. Pay Low.jpg
Commissioner Steven Helton voices his belief that the low pay for judicial commissioners is deterring applicants.

The county is looking for judicial commissioners and Commissioner Steven Helton fears the low pay is deterring applicants.

At the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night, Helton gave an update on the Policy and Personnel Committee and said at their last meeting they discussed the need for judicial commissioners. Since running an advertisement for the position, they have not received any interest in the job. 

“Last month we did agree to look for some new judicial commissioners. I talked to David this morning and they put out the ad in the newspaper and we have had zero response to that. So again, here we are searching for judicial commissioners,” said Helton.

Supervisor of Warren County judicial commissioner David Williams attended the Policy and Personnel Committee meeting in February and told the committee he would need to replace two positions. He said the starting pay is $9 per hour, but said he thinks it should be raised.

“We have come a long way from $7.25 when I started, but now I have got people who have been there well since 2016 that are making $11.75,” said Williams at the February meeting. “New hires this last time we started at $9 and I think that we probably need to reconsider that.”

Williams also mentioned they have an employee that has been there since 2013 who has worked 24-hour shifts and is making $12.50 per hour. Helton believes the starting pay is the reason no one is interesting in filling the positions and told the County Commission they may need to reconsider it come budget time.

“I do believe that one of the major key roles here is the fact that I think their starting pay is somewhere around $9,” said Helton. “We definitely, as budget cycle comes around, need to be looking at that if we are going to get somebody in that position. I think it is a very important position within our county. They can literally send people to jail by writing warrants so we need good quality individuals in those positions and I think the pay should reflect that.”