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Hay bale stops fugitive's run from law
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The fugitive may have gotten away if not for a lone bale of hay which brought his run from the law to an abrupt end.Keith Dewey Higgins, 54, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of evading arrest, reckless endangerment, resisting stop and driving on a suspended license.His charges come after deputy Brystol Davis saw his Mazda truck run a stop sign on Lucky Road. He tried to pull the suspect over but he allegedly refused to stop.“He accelerated at a high rate of speed and ran numerous stop signs,” Davis said, noting the suspect reached speeds of 90 mph as he raced down Yager Road over to Smithville Highway.His run ended quickly when he turned onto Old Smithville Road and then tried to shake the pursuing duty by going cross country.“He turned into a field off Old Smithville Road and struck a bale of hay,” Davis recalled, noting the suspect jumped from the wrecked truck and fled on foot.Davis was able to catch the suspect who resisted as the lawman was trying to put him in handcuffs. The deputy later learned Higgins’ license had been suspended since last November because he failed to pay child support.