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Gun carry laws are loosened
Terry Smith passes through a metal detector inside the courtroom at Warren County Administrative Offices. A new state law allows permit holders to carry their guns into government buildings unless metal detectors or security guards are in place at entrances.
A new Tennessee gun law went into effect July 1 that could mean you are allowed to carry your gun in a government-owned building.Under this bill, you will be allowed to enter a government building with a concealed handgun if you have your permit. However, if there is a metal detector or a security guard to check bags, you cannot bring in your gun, even with a permit.Local governments must decide which of those two actions they will allow and that could mean spending big bucks to upgrade the facilities that do not currently have one of the two measures. City administrator Bill Brock doubts city officials will opt out of the new law by installing metal detectors at City Hall due to the expense.“I haven’t read the new law,” said Brock.