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Gum stuck with charges after attempted bank fraud
Jared Thomas Gum has been charged with theft over 10,000 dollars.

A scheme to rip off a local bank has backfired on a local man who now faces grand theft charges.
The suspect, Jared Thomas Gum, 22, has been charged with theft over $10,000, theft over $1,000, criminal impersonation and possession of a weapon by a felon.
His charges come after he tried to pull a fast one on First National Bank in downtown McMinnville. The bank wasn’t just any bank -- it was his own bank where he had accounts. According to McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland, Gum went about depositing multiple envelopes through the bank’s ATM machine.
“Over an hour period he made 22 deposits into an account owned by him,” the detective said. “These 22 transactions totaled $12,260.”
The lawman said it would have all been well and good had he actually been depositing money.
“Each transactions was followed by input into the ATM machine stating that it contained cash,” Rowland said. “But, in fact, each deposit envelope was empty.”
The detective pointed out Gum only had $2 in his account. However, that fact did not stop him from withdrawing money.
“He then withdrew $500 cash from the fraudulently inflated account while at the same time transferring $500 into his savings account,” Rowland noted, pointing out Gum was obviously trying to trick the system so he could get money that did not belong to him.
The arrest could be doubly bad for Gum, who was on probation on aggravated assault charges for threatening to kill his girlfriend with a sawed-off shotgun in 2015. He already violated his probation once last year.