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Grissom gets 60 days for attacking, threatening girlfriend
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A man who allegedly attacked his girlfriend, held her hostage and told her “if you try to leave, I will have you taken care of,” was sentenced to 60 days in jail following one charge being dropped and another being amended to a lesser charge. 

Jeffrey Scott Grissom, 46, appeared in front of Judge Locke and was handed a 60-day sentence at Warren County Jail. On Sept. 22, Grissom was originally charged with aggravated domestic assault, domestic assault and false imprisonment. 

The domestic assault charge was dropped and the aggravated domestic assault was amended to a lesser charge of domestic assault involving injury. 

The police report claims Grissom choked his girlfriend, held her with both of his arms throughout the night to prevent her from leaving and threatened her. Grissom also allegedly attacked his sister when she tried to help his girlfriend. The domestic assault charge involving the sister was dismissed.

“The sister agreed to drop the domestic assault charge upon his plea agreement to receive treatment,” says assistant district attorney Taffy Seagraves.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim claimed she was lying on the couch with Grissom, her boyfriend, at his home on Cove Road, when he accused her of cheating on him. The victim denied the claim, and Grissom became angry, getting on top of her and beginning to choke her with both hands until she couldn’t breathe. 

The report says Grissom told the victim “I just want to hold you.” He finally got off her, and then wrapped both of his arms around her so she couldn’t move. Grissom finally fell asleep, allowing the victim to be able to get free.

There were obvious scratches on the victim’s neck, the warrant notes, and red marks from where Grissom had reportedly choked her. 

Grissom must undergo a mental health evaluation, a drug and alcohol assessment, pay costs and have no contact with the victim.