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Government land swap on hold for appraisal
An appraisal is being done on land located around West Elementary and the Civic Center tennis courts as ownership issued get resolved.

A land swap between the city of McMinnville, Warren County Schools and Warren County government has taken a short detour prior to full Warren County Commission consideration.
“I need to hire an appraiser,” said County Executive Herschel Wells. “I need to get an appraisal on this property.”
The request to allow that was made before a joint meeting of the county Budget and Finance Committee and Building and Grounds Committee.
The land needing appraisal and under consideration for exchange is around West Elementary School and McMinnville Civic Center. The property line issue just recently came to light, although its origins trace back to 1969 during school consolidation.
According to Warren County assistant attorney Robert Bratcher, city officials discovered the issue when they began looking into remodeling the outdoor tennis courts and found a portion of the land they were currently using wasn’t theirs and the school has been using a portion of land owned by the city.
A survey was done and a deal worked out between city and school officials to swap those portions of land. However, also revealed was that Warren County, not the Board of Education, owns the land on which the school is located. It was never deeded over to the school system.
The county Building and Grounds Committee met earlier this month and approved a resolution to transfer the land to the schools.
An appraisal of the land, said Wells, is needed prior to full Warren County Commission consideration.
Both committees unanimously approved hiring an appraiser.