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Goolsby charged for attacking mother
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Felony assault charges have been leveled against a woman who tried to hit her mother with a claw hammer.The woman, Kelly Leann Goolsby, 32, is charged with aggravated domestic assault, a crime that carries three to six years in prison. She will face hearing on Nov. 22.The incident happened on Walling Street when Goolsby showed up drunk and was told to leave.“An argument started,” said McMinnville police officer Toby Lewis, noting Goolsby then allegedly began to physically attack her mother. “The attack went on and (the victim) was bitten on the wrist and had a metal chair thrown at her.”After the initial assault, the victim said she sat down on the couch but was again confront ed by her daughter, who was this time swinging a claw hammer at her.“She had a claw hammer and tried to hit her,” said Lewis, noting Goolsby was yelling “I hope you die” during the attack.The mother refused transport to the hospital but police did find marks on her, supporting her story she had been attacked.