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Generations offers new drug treatment program
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Warren County court dockets are filled with cases about meth and pills.

Facing community drug use that could be described as rampant, Generations Mental Health Center has started a new program to provide help. It’s an intensive outpatient program called Integrated Substance Use Treatment Groups.

“We want people to believe they are more powerful than their problems,” said Joseph Stotts, vice president of clinical services at Generations. “We’re not just a drug treatment center. We want to treat the whole person. With mental health and substance abuse, if you have one you usually have the other. We want to get people back to work and reintegrated into the community.”

Stotts says the recidivism rate for many treatment programs is as high as 75 percent. One main focus of the Generations program is to improve decision-making skills so the person doesn’t flock to negative behavior when confronted with an adverse situation. The program wants to introduce people to more positive ways of coping.

Stotts describes the program as “pretty intense,” but says that’s what is needed to promote long-term recovery. Group meeting are held three times a week for three hours each meeting. Typically 20 sessions are recommended. Even after the program is over, care is offered afterward.

“It’s not just treatment and release and they’re on their own,” said Stotts. “There are follow-ups.”

The program is offered right here in Warren County at the Generations facility in Morrison. Kenneth Smith is the counselor.

Generations accepts insurance for its programs. For more information, call Stotts at 815-3871. The Generations crisis line is (800) 704-2651.