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Gatlin pays tribute to Dottie
The Park Theater was about half full Wednesday night to hear Grand Ole Opry member Larry Gatlin perform solo. He recorded eight No. 1 hits with the Gatlin Brothers.

He has eight No. 1 songs over a 43-year music career and he added a performance on the Park Theater stage to his resume Wednesday night.
Larry Gatlin charmed the crowd with his singing, guitar playing, and witty outtakes. He also sang the praises of Warren County native Dottie West, who he says is responsible for launching his career.
“If it wasn’t for Dottie, I’d be a bad lawyer in Houston, Texas,” said Gatlin. “And Houston doesn’t need another bad lawyer.”
Gatlin dedicated his first two songs to Dottie, then decided he should dedicate the entire show to her memory. He said he still thinks of her every time he drives by the spot where she was killed in a car wreck.
It was a solo show for Gatlin, who wrote and recorded eight No. 1 songs as a member of the Gatlin Brothers. The group also included his brothers Rudy and Steve.
“If you’re wondering where my brothers are tonight, I have no idea,” said Gatlin. “It’s not my day to watch them.”
The Gatlin Brothers are 40-year members of the Grand Ole Opry and have performed from the White House to Carnegie Hall.
The Blackwood Quartet opened for Gatlin, providing a delightful blend of four-part harmonies. They played some original songs, covered the Oak Ridge Boys, and did some gospel classics like “Amazing Grace."