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Gas prices likely to continue to rise
Prices rise after pipeline spill hampers distribution
Around town Sparta Street Smoke Shop $2.19 Kroger $2.19 Korner Market $2.29 Gulf Sparta Street $2.29 Village $2.39 Shell Smithville Highway $2.39 Prices Tuesday afternoon
Gasoline prices in McMinnville jumped more than 20 cents higher than the state average on Tuesday as gas stations scrambled to keep fuel for their customers.With the Tennessee statewide average at $2.15 on Tuesday, according to, gasoline prices soared to $2.39 cents in McMinnville.“Due to gasoline availability, prices will probably continue to rise slightly higher,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy. “Over the past week, we’ve seen some gas outages and some higher gas prices. We’ve seen it rise 16 cents on average and that’s after it had been gently declining.”Gasoline distribution has been disrupted by a main pipeline leak and spill in Alabama that has caused problems throughout the South.