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Flags retired
Pictured are American flags being burned during the retirement ceremony last week.
American flags were burned at Rock Island State Park last week, but it was not due to protest.“It’s the proper disposal of the symbol of our nation,” said American Legion Post 173 Commander George Patterson during the flag retirement ceremony held at the state park Tuesday evening.Members of the legion have been collecting old and tattered flags for the past few weeks in preparation for the annual event. They met at Rock Island and carried out the ceremony just before sunset, burning numerous retired flags.“If they are torn, worn or faded, hold onto your flags and give them to a member of the American Legion so they can be properly retired,” Patterson said, noting there is also a Boy Scout troop which conducts an annual flag retirement ceremony. “You can also bring them to the radio station or Southern Standard.”Patterson noted flag etiquette requires “Old Glory” should be burned and not simply discarded.“You do not take flags and just throw them away,” Patterson cautioned, noting American Legion retires flags according to the book.