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Five in running to be Community Development Department director
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Five applicants remain in the running for to be the next director of McMinnville’s Community Development Department. A field of six lost one candidate Tuesday. 

The city Building and Grounds Committee met at 12 p.m. on June 22 to review applications submitted by six individuals seeking to be Community Development Department director, a position previously held by city administrator Nolan Ming.

“I have given you each a copy of what I have,” said human resource officer Libby Rutledge. “Some have applications, some have resumes, some have cover letters, some have letters of recommendation and there are other documents. I’ve stapled each of them together and labeled them as candidate A, B, C, D, E.”

She also presented committee members Aldermen Steve Harvey, Stacey Harvey and Everett Brock with a job description and the minimum requirements as far as experience and education.

“The last candidate, candidate F, doesn’t meet the minimum requirements,” said Rutledge. “We shouldn’t consider him further. Of the five that did meet the minimum, we can send up to six people through the assessment. So, we can send all of them or we can narrow it down.”  

The names of the individuals are being withheld. However, when committee members began discussing an informal meeting with the candidates, such as breakfast or lunch, it was stated that two of the individuals already work for the city so an informal meeting would not be necessary.

“Maybe it’s the three people we don’t know that we should invite and not the two we’ve already worked with,” said Stacey.

Rutledge replied, “There might be something you want to ask those other applicants.” 

“You could always walk upstairs to their office,” said Stacey.

Rutledge replied, “I mean in a formal setting.”

“If we have a question, we can asked you to bring them down to answer it,” said Brock. 

Along with an informal meeting with city officials, formal in-person interviews between the applicants and city administrator Nolan Ming, Rutledge and current department directors will be conducted. 

“I think we need to be there too,” said Brock, of Board of Mayor and Aldermen members. “We’ve got the final decision to make. He (pointing to Ming) needs to be there because they have to work for him. I think that’s an absolute. If we are the ones who say yah or nah, I think we need to be in on the face-to-face interviews. There are questions I’d like to ask.”

Steve added, “I’m interested in sitting in on it. I don’t know if I’d ask any questions, but I’d like to listen in. I think all the questions will be asked. I just think it would be nice to be there.”

Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) has offered to assess all five individuals and determine which candidate it considers the best one for the job. MTAS interviews and presents each with real-life situations and roleplaying scenarios to make that determination. 

The MTAS assessments will be conducted July 15-16. No dates have been set for city officials to conduct informal meetings or formal interviews with applicants.