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Fire trucks up for grabs
Fire Department looking to give away two firetrucks
Pictured is Engine No. 5, one of two the city is looking to give away.

The Easter Bunny could be bringing gifts for two volunteer fire departments in Warren County.
The city of McMinnville is considering a donation of engines No. 5 and No. 6 to any local volunteer fire department in need.
The two fire engines are older models, 1972 and 1978, and according to McMinnville Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield, they are both operational to a certain extent.
“We aren’t using them anymore,” Mayfield said. “Every time we get them out, we have to work on them. I feel like we need to get rid of them. We have a new one coming and we won’t have enough room for them all. We’ve had two departments express interest in Engine No. 6, the city of Woodbury and Fall Creek Falls Fire Department.”
The information was presented to Safety Committee members Mike Neal, chair, Everett Brock and Ryle Chastain.
No. 6 is a ladder truck, but the pump is damaged and the recipient will have to pay between $12,000 and $16,000 to replace it, says Mayfield.
“It will pump water, but it’s supposed to be pumping 1,500 gallons a minute and it won’t do it,” he said. “You might get 700 to 800 gallons out of it. Whomever gets it will have to pay that kind of money to get the pump redone.”
Engine No. 5 has occasional maintenance issues, but it doesn’t have the same pumper issues as No. 6. It passed its annual pumper test.
Officials asked which one Mayfield would like to keep. He encouraged the city to get rid of both. “We don’t need them,” said Mayfield. “We need to let them go.”
All the volunteer fire departments in Warren County will be contacted to see if they could use a donated firetruck. If not, they will be listed on and the departments outside Warren County can bid on them.