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Elrod ordered to pay restitution to victims
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A man who went on a vandalism spree, slashing tires of numerous cars at Averitt Trucking, has been ordered to make thousands in restitution to his victims.
The tire slasher, Barry Ray Elrod, 31, was directed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 48 hours and undergo anger management classes on the charge of vandalism. He was also ordered to make restitution in the amounts of $1,500, $500, $400, and $500.
The vandalisms happened Nov. 1 when several employees of Averitt Trucking in Morrison discovered their tires had been cut. At least one victim said there was also a profane word scratched onto his hood.
Sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter revealed he was able to track down the vandal by examining security camera footage from nearby Yorozu. In doing so, he was able to identify the suspect’s vehicle.
“The vehicle was located and Mr. Elrod was confronted about the incident,” Carpenter said, noting the suspect then admitted to cutting “some of the tires” but not all of them.
He will be liable to make restitution to the victims as part of his plea deal.