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Elected Official Snapshot: Get to know County Commissioner Daniel Owens
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Daniel Owens

Our last election brought with it 11 new county commissioners out of 24.

One of those new faces is District 12 County Commissioner Daniel Owens, who serves on the Budget and Finance Committee and Education Committee. He also represents Warren County on the TCCA Board serving on the Membership and the Criminal Justice committees for the state.

Here’s a snapshot of Owens.

Q: Describe yourself. 

A: I’m from Warren County and have been working my whole adult life at Freedom Express and McCormick Warehouse. That’s where I manage day-to-day. I’m married to Dayron and we’ll celebrate 10 years in June. We have two dogs and a cat.

Q: What are your hobbies and interests?

A: We enjoy traveling, kayaking, and playing trivia at Smooth Rapids. I also like golfing when I find free time.

Q: Share a fun fact about yourself.

A: I find it extremely relaxing and enjoyable to mow my yard while listening to the radio.

Q: Is there something different about you as compared to the other commissioners? What do you feel   you bring to the board?

A: This pertains to me and several others, but I’m willing to learn because I am new to government. I think when you show up with an open mind, you ask a lot of questions so you can learn as much as you can instead of showing up with an opinion before each meeting. I think that is a true asset right now.

Q: What led you to make the decision to run?

A: There is not enough youth so I decided I should get involved and represent my age group.

Q: For those that don’t know, what does a county commissioner do?

A: The county commissioners can create and administer local ordinances and resolutions. We also monitor the revenues and expenditures in our government and utilize that info to create the yearly budget for our county government to operate on. 

Q: What areas does District 12 entail?

A: It has a very unique shape, but it starts at Old Smithville Hwy. and Bybee Branch. It ventures out and catches a small area around the airport and then it follows Old Smithville to Yager, Yager all the way out to the county line and it also has areas in between between Yager and Short Mountain.

Q: What is one project you’d like to see completed during your four-year term?

A: I am a big recycler and I think some form of beautification and offering more types of recycling would be a good way to start. I know we offer it, but I don’t think we do enough. I’ve been recycling since 2006 and unfortunately, I have to take my glass elsewhere.

Q: What are the biggest issues and challenges facing Warren County commissioners?

A: I think there are three things: adapt, growth and retain. We need to learn to adapt because it will stunt our growth if we don’t. We should always be welcoming growth either with work, entrepreneurs, or outsiders moving in and we should retain good qualities of our county like our students.

 Q: What is the best way for people to contact you?

A: 931-273-6991 or