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Drive-thru may prove pricey

The cost of convenience: providing a drive-thru for Warren County residents to pay their property taxes could have a larger price tag than originally believed.

A guestimate by commissioners on the cost to install a drive-thru tube system at the Warren County Trustee’s Office was $40,000. However, a cost estimate provided by an engineer puts the price tag on construction at $45,000. The cost does not include purchase of the tube system at approximately $20,000. 

Commissioner Robert Hennessee presented the engineer’s cost estimate to members of the county Building and Grounds Committee.

“If this is $45,000 and the tube system is $20,000, that’s $65,000. We approved $40,000. That means we are $25,000 short,” said Hennessee.

The estimate does not include any cost-saving measures with Warren County Highway Department providing excavation, gravel, asphalt, and curbing, said Hennessee, which could save the county thousands.

“We need to make sure we have enough money allocated toward this project,” said Commissioner Carlene Brown. “We don’t need to get started and find out there’s not enough money to complete it.” 

Commissioner Tommy Savage agreed.

“I can see where this will help a lot of people down the road, especially older people,” said Savage. “They can pull in and pay their taxes. They don’t have to get out of their vehicle.”

Road Superintendent Levie Glenn will be contacted with an inquiry as to what assistance he can provide toward the project.