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Doves snuffed from TV taping
Ben Newman
Ben Newman has ascended from vice mayor to become McMinnville mayor.

Dove hunting in Warren County will not be featured in “Nick’s Wild Ride.”

“We were set up to have Nick do a dove hunt,” said Christy Ross, chair of the city’s Tourism Development Board. “The doves would not cooperate. There were no doves at this particular site chosen for the dove hunt. So, we have to back up and move forward with a new plan for some type of hunting, fishing or something.” 

TDB members contracted with Nick Hoffman and show producers to film a segment of “Nick’s Wild Ride” in Warren County. Hoffman’s travel and adventure show airs on the Outdoor Channel and features hunting as well as interesting places, compelling people, vibrant cultures and good food. 

“Who knew that dove hunting was such a sacred and revered sport,” said Ross. “I certainly did not.”

Mayor Ben Newman, who proposed the idea of a dove hunt, stated, “I did.”

The show will go on.

“I did schedule the PBS project for Oct. 10 to do a shoot,” said TDB administrator Mandy Eller. “They are still working on the script, and I’m confirming six to seven people to be on that shoot – community leaders, some strategic placed people throughout the community to tell the story about why this is a great place to live, work and play.”

Locations of the shoots are not being released publically.