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'Don't shoot me' man given 30 days
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A man found running in circles in a motel parking lot yelling “don’t shoot me” was not shot but he will be incarcerated for a month for resisting arrest.
The man, James Nathan Turner, 40, of Manchester has been directed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 30 days of a six-month sentence.
His month behind bars comes after police were called to Scottish Inns in the early morning hours to investigate a report of a man running around in the parking lot yelling “don’t shoot.” When police arrived, they found Turner coming from behind Foutch’s Family Restaurant.
“We attempted to talk to him but he kept running around the parking lot and screaming ‘don’t shoot me,’” said policeman Robert Hutchins, noting the suspect resisted arrest and had to be tased. “The taser had no effect on him and he broke away and ran from the scene down the road.”
The out-of-control man ran in front of an approaching ambulance while trying to get away and then led lawmen on a foot chase for several blocks.
“He was eventually tased a second time but broke away and continued running,” Hutchins revealed.
Finally, the combination of Hutchins, Sgt. Bryan Holt and Lt. John Morgan were able to subdue the suspect.
“He continued to fight all three of us before he was eventually taken into custody,” Hutchins said.