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Distemper outbreak spreads at shelter
Nine dogs were tested for distemper Thursday morning by Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center staff, who are still attempting to stop the spread of the disease. In the first two weeks of the quarantine, 10 dogs have been euthanized. Pictured is facility director Kim Pettrey, left, with Brandi Bouldin.

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is two weeks into what is projected to be a month-long closure due to distemper.
“We’ve had to euthanize 10 dogs so far,” said facility director Kim Pettrey. “This has been a very trying time for us. While some facilities just euthanize them all and start over, we’re attempting to save as many as we can. This is a terrible disease that could be prevented if people would just have their puppies vaccinated.”
The worst may not be over. According to Pettrey, on Wednesday morning more test results came back positive.
“We just had a litter of six puppies tested. Five of those were positive for distemper and one negative. They said if five are positive then the sixth puppy has it. I probably didn’t draw a good sample. We’ve had five more dogs, beside the puppies, test positive. This hasn’t been a good day.”
Animal Control closed May 17 when a dog began to show the signs of distemper, a visual determination that was later confirmed by lab testing. Staff is systematically testing every dog and using foster homes and treatment in an effort to stem the spread of the disease.
Financial support for the effort is being provided by Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and Maddie’s Fund.
Foster homes have also been invaluable. Currently, the puppies and three of the dogs are being cared for in foster homes. If you can give a dog a foster home, Animal Control can be reached at 507-3647 or on Facebook.
At this time, no reopening date has been set.