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Davis looks to start over following house fire
Wanda Davis's new home that has been placed on the same plot as her home that burnt down months prior

Wanda Davis would need about an hour on Santa’s lap to discuss her wish list. She needs everything.

The Rock Island resident is trying to recover from a Sept. 16 house fire that destroyed all her belongings.

“From a spoon on up, I’m starting completely over,” said Davis. “What the fire didn’t get, the water and smoke did. I lost everything but the clothes I was wearing.”

A house warming benefit is set for this Saturday, Dec. 16, for Wanda and her 17-year-old daughter, Tiereah. It will start at noon at Rocky River Community Center.

Wanda, a widow, said she had gone to Sparta when she received a phone call from a firefighter saying her home was on fire. The firefighter wanted to know if anyone was inside. She said no one was there except for her dog, who did not survive. “They found her on my bed,” said Wanda.

Wanda said she had home insurance but didn’t realize the amount was only for $39,000. She used that money to pay off her mortgage and to make a down payment on a mobile home. Her former house has been cleared away and the mobile home is now in its place.
“The mobile home comes with a stove and a refrigerator so I have that,” said Wanda. “But that’s it.”

Wanda said the only thing salvageable from her old home was the central heat and air unit. However, she says it was stolen. “That was something I could have used,” said Wanda. “But after they detached it from the house, somebody came by and stole it.”

Wanda says she’s received some help from churches. She’s hopeful this Saturday’s benefit will lead to donations such as dishes and furniture.

“This fire turned our world upside down,” said Wanda. “It’s been a long three months.”
For more information, call 224-3654. For those who can’t attend but wish to make a monetary donation, the address is Wanda Davis, 3841 Old Rock Island Road, Rock Island, 38581.