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Date of Halloween not tricky
Halloween on Sunday, curfew1.jpg
Nevaeh Fults was in search of the perfect pumpkin on Tuesday. She plans to be a Walking Dead Cheerleader on Halloween, which falls on Sunday. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

It’s no surprise that Halloween falls on Oct. 31 every year. When the holiday falls on Sunday, will it be celebrated on Saturday? 

McMinnville’s mayor has announced the city will not intervene in a Sunday Halloween by telling people when to trick or treat.

“Halloween is on Oct. 31 every year,” said Mayor Ryle Chastain. “There will always be some people who question if Halloween should be changed to Saturday when it falls on a Sunday, but the city will not take an official stance on when people should observe Halloween.”

Most traditional candy hunting occurs within the city limits, given the closer proximity of homes as compared to those outside the city. Because of this, McMinnville Police Department will again be enforcing a curfew to discourage any teen pranksters.

“We will have extra officers on patrol Sunday evening,” said McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley. “The 9 p.m. curfew will be enforced.”

The city began a curfew on Halloween night more than two decades ago to reduce vandalism. According to Mosley, it has worked to drop the number of vandalism cases on Halloween considerably. 

Under the curfew law, any underage person found off their property within the city limits, who is not coming or going from a location such as a job, church or school function, can be cited into juvenile court. The person is exempt if they are in the company of a parent or adult guardian. The curfew applies to underage persons in vehicles, as well as those on foot.

Motorists are being urged to use caution when traveling residential streets on the evening of Oct. 31. Watch for trick-or-treaters who might accidently enter the roadway in the excitement of going door to door. Additionally, parents are urged to make sure their children are wearing some form of reflective clothing.